Brunswick City Schools

Technology FAQ – Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Clear your cache:

- In the top right corner, click on the three dots
- From the drop down, choose More tools....Clear Browsing Data
- Make sure just the bottom box is checked (Cached Images and files)
- Make sure Time range is "All time"
- Click Clear Data

After that close Chrome and re-open.
- Go to your Gmail
- Click your profile in the top right and sign out
- Close Chrome, then re-open it
- Try Pearson / Math XL again

** When logging in to Pearson / Math XL, make sure your username DOES NOT start with a capital letter. Must be all lowercase.
Sign out of your Chromebook, then sign back in.
Please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Use the Chrome Browser
Go to website Brunswick Google Login
Click Gmail
When you get the blue box with the Brunswick Google B type in your USERNAME and your PASSWORD
Note: Do not use your full email when logging in
You will need internet to complete these steps, please do not start unless you have a good wifi near by:

- Hold down the Esc and Refresh keys, then push the power key (Device should immediately restart)
- You should see a "Chrome OS is missing" screen after it reboots, push Ctrl + D
- You should see a "To turn OS verification OFF" screen, push ENTER
- Device will reboot again
- You should see a "OS Verification is OFF" screen, push the Spacebar, then push ENTER to confirm

The device will take a minute to reset and reboot. Eventually you will see a "Welcom!" screen:

- Click on Let's Go
- Choose a WiFi network and enter the password
- Accept the Terms
- Enter students email address and password to complete Powerwash process.
Click Add Person in the bottom left-hand corner
Click Next, then a blue box appears
Type username
Type password
Click Login
Open Chrome
All Google Applications can be found in the 'waffle' in the top right corner of Google Chrome.